Photo Filters by PRISMA

As an artist, I have always been a fan of Prismacolor products and the beautiful art they help to create.  Needless to say that when I discovered there was an app that recreates photos as simulated Prismacolor artwork, I had to download it right away.

The Prisma – Art Photo Editor has to be one of my favorite photo filter apps.  Its AI can create stunning simulated hand painted images from photos using a variety of style filters.  The app is equipped with an easy-to-use interface, and allows the average photo taker to create intriguing art that looks as if it were created by hand.

Hopefully, Prisma Labs, Inc.  will add more tool features that allow for more manual adjustments, such as target area, brush detail, and brush size.  Please check out some of my photos if you are interested in downloading the Prisma app.


‘No Dumping’

‘Murphy Crossing’
‘Texas Star’
‘On Bayou Bluff’
‘Sunset on Lake Ray Hubbard’

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