Sailor the Cat Project

In early 2016, my cat, Sailor, inspired me to begin entertaining the idea of writing and illustrating a children’s book featuring him. In dreaming up a concept for this book, I decided to build Sailor a bed in the form of a sailing ship. My plan was to not only design and build the ship/bed to provide a comfy place for him to sleep, but also to serve as a concept/marketing tool for the book. I am very pleased with the result and hope you enjoy it too—along with my a preview of concept art for  ‘The Adventurous Tail of Sailor the Cat’.

Please follow Sailor’s Instagram—iamsailorthecat for updates.


Ship Construction Process 

Phase I:  Concept Approval—After sketching a rough concept of the bed, initial construction began under Sailor vigilant supervisor.
Phase II:  Ship Detailing—This phase involved fine tuning the ship’s look with the addition of railing,  an anchor chain system, and additional nautical decor.
Phase III:  Ship Painting—Once the more tedious details were complete, I began painting  and creating the sails.
Ship Painting (continued)
Phase IV:  Operational Checks—After all painting was complete, the Kitty Hawk’s main sails were rigged so that Sailor could perform a few operational checks, i.g., scouting for birds, squirrels, and other passers-by.
Phase V: Christening & Maiden Voyage—Sailor is ready to set sail.


Concept sketches and other imagery for the story book

Updated Story Title
Character Study


Photo Update and Fun Moments with the SS Kitty Hawk 

Christmas 2016
Preparing to Get Underway
Sailor Teaching Arlee the Ropes
Setting Course
Sailor salutes the Ensign before coming aboard.
Welcome Aboard

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